Guidelines (some rules and suggestions)
Something Else Festival (elseFest) is held on private property in West Caln Township, Chester County, PA. The landowners founded the Coatesville Area Arts Alliance and use this site for other events throughout the year. They appreciate good music and also appreciate our efforts to take care of their land while we use it. Thank you for your interest in elseFest, and your attention to the items below:
  1. Wristbands are used to show us that you are a bonafide festival-goer, and not someone who wandered in by mistake on their way to San Jose. Wristbands must be worn at ALL times, and there aren't any exceptions to that. If you are seen without a wristband you must show us video-documentation of how the giant bird loosened and then removed the wristband, buy another wristband at full price, or leave the property.
  2. There are areas of the property which will be flagged or fenced as off-limits. Beyond these boundaries is private property, so please respect the boundaries.
  3. Except for vision-assist animals, there are no pets allowed on the festival grounds.
  4. The festival is a BYOB event.
  5. Trash receptacles are provided. Please use them. Trash left behind must be picked up by the festival staff, which would be a sad way to end what will be an awesome weekend.
  6. No glass please. Plastic containers only.
  7. Tent campers are welcome. Car camping is possible but will be problematic and is not recommended. Open fires, campfires or fireworks are not allowed. If you're tent camping, propane stoves are fine. If you travel with an RV we suggest contacting Hidden Acres Campground, just five minutes away, at
  8. Those camping must depart the grounds no later than Noon on Sunday, June 24th.
  9. Weapons are not allowed (guns, knives other than pocket knives, etc.).
  10. No unauthorized vending.
  11. Music festivals bring out the artist in all of us, but please respect those around you and refrain from playing your own music through radios or CD/mp3 players too loudly or during scheduled performances. Feel free to bring out the acoustic percussion instruments, guitars, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, etc., but only in the camping area.
  12. Dancing is not optional. Please come prepared.
  13. We may add something else to this list, so please stop back before the event. It won't be anything drastic, but we probably forgot something.